kiki by KV jewelry comes from a passion to create. Each piece of handmade jewelry celebrates the individuality of the wearer

I'm the designer, engineer, and artist behind kiki by KV jewelry. My passions have always been building, creating, crafting. If it's not a piece of jewelry or a scrapbook, it's a crocheted scarf or a new cocktail recipe. I'm also an engineer. Seriously, I'm a giant dork. 

When I was about 10, I went to a small local craft fair and eagerly moved from table to table to see what creations were to be seen. I found a small table filled with wire jewelry. Excited to see something I wanted to learn how to make, I told the woman behind the counter it was my dream to be a jeweler. I even showed her my box of multi-colored beads which were carefully tucked under my arm for later. She told me it was a terrible idea and I'd never be able to make any money doing it. I'm sure her intentions were to shield me from certain hardships she may have faced, but at the impressionable age of 10 I decided it was better to keep jewelry making as a hobby and pursue my other interests: Being a nerd. 

I got an engineering degree and started a career in the optics industry. I spent the the next ten years learning, and growing in a fascinating world where being nerdy is not only cool, it's expected. 

The passions of 10 year olds aren't lightly cast aside. When an opportunity arose to reignite those interests and learn metal working skills I jumped at the chance. No longer limited to simply assembling pre-made pieces, my imagination took off and kiki by KV was born. 

Kiki is a nickname given to me by my friends in college. College, as it is for everyone, was a turning point in my life's journey. It marks a moment in time when life could go in a million different directions depending on the decision of the day. I use the name as inspiration for creating jewelry for the continuing adventure. It's a reminder that life is constantly changing, and that change is, without a doubt, a great ride.

Kristin Vogt  

Jewelry Designer     |    Engineer